Welcome to Gravediggers and Ghosts of Sharpsburg Historic Ghost Tours!

Don't miss the greatest non-battlefield Civil War attraction in the area.  Friendly, affordable, vastly entertaining and thoroughly relevant to your visit, these tours will be the highlight of  your Antietam excursion, whether you are on  your first visit or your fiftieth.  Perfect for families and groups alike!  Group discounts are available, call or email for details.

We are proud that all of our tours are based on more than 30 years of our own original research.  You will not hear these stories anywhere else.

Our Book is scheduled to be published in September 2015

We're putting as many of the stories as we can from the Confederate Soldiers' Passageway and Children's Alleyway ghost tours into a book with our publisher, The History Press of Charleston, South Carolina. Our research, writing and collection of and cataloguing photos continues every day.  Do you have a story to share?  Please submit to us at hauntedsharpsburg@gmail.com.

‚ÄčInfo and Reservations:

Call 240-527-4458 or email hauntedsharpsburg@gmail.com

Advance Reservations Please:

Tours are offered by advance reservation. We generally begin the tours at 6:15 pm, but other times are available, please contact us to inquire.

2015 Rates:

We offer three Ghost Tours and two Historical Tours.  

The Confederate Soldiers' Passageway Ghost Tour: 75 minutes, $10.00

This tour tells the stories of real persons who lived in Sharpsburg and the burial work they did for the bodies of dead Confederates left in the homes of the town.  Inexplicable visions of Confederate soldiers moving along the streets and alleys are still here and occur regularly.  Why are so many of these sightings headed west towards the Potomac River?

The Children's Alleyway Ghost Tour: 75 minutes, $10.00

This tour tells legends and stories dating from the 1930's of unknown children frequently seen in the town.  Do we know them from the town's history and the battle that unfolded here?  We'll give you clues and suggestions, then ask you to make your own conclusions at the end of this tour.

The Gravediggers and Ghosts of Sharpsburg Tour: 2.25 hours, $15.00

Combines both of the tours shown above into one 2.25 hour tour.  Enjoy a stroll through town after dinner or with a cool scoop of ice cream.  This dynamic tour is recommended for a complete understanding of the ongoing presence of sightings in the town. We'll present the entire story of the village's care for and treatment of the Confederate dead, and the roles that the children of the alley played in the events of September 1862.

Main Street Confederate Casualties:  Artillery Bombardment of Sharpsburg Tour: 75 minutes, $12.00

Our newest historical tour tells the story of the day long bombardment of the town.  We'll show you buildings that were struck and the stories of the families affected.  To illustrate the devastation we'll show you places on Main Street where Confederate soldiers were killed or wounded by the heavy Union artillery.  This is  a special tour that will be of interest to all, including those interested in the military aspects of the battle.  It can be presented with associated ghost stories or not, depending on your preference.  Please allow 24 hours advance notice to schedule this tour if possible.  Cost include a souvenir small Confederate battle flag.

Sharpsburg Anthologies Tour: 45 minutes to 3 hours, inquire for pricing.

We can tailor a tour to almost any length to meet whatever schedule and time you may have, and present detailed descriptions of the activities and events that unfolded on September 17, 1862.  Please contact us for more information about this exciting narrative about the people of Sharpsburg!

See the "About" page for more information about each tour and our policy on tipping/gratuities.

Where do we meet?

The tour leaves from the corner of Main Street and Mechanic Street in Sharpsburg in the area in front of the Library/Town Hall.

What to expect on your tour:

We will show you the former graves of Confederate dead, and reliable sites for photographs that reveal orbs and other disturbances. The tours will be on the sidewalks of the streets and through the alleys of the town of Sharpsburg.  Total walking distance is about  one half mile to three fourths of a mile without any significant hills.  See the "About" page for a more detailed description of the tours.

See the "About" and "Contact" page for more information.

For current announcements about tours, availability and weather conditions, visit our Facebook page, Gravediggers and Ghosts of Sharpsburg.

The Children's Alley near the 

Haunted Big Spring

Gravediggers and Ghosts of Sharpsburg

The surviving Confederate soldiers in Lee's Army retreated to the west and crossed the Potomac long ago, but the dead they left behind are sometimes still seen even today in the streets and alleys of Sharpsburg. 

Come and hear why Sharpburg may be the most haunted Civil War town anywhere!